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Addition of a microorganism

The entering of a microorganism occurs through an additional window, without reloading the page. The window is divided into 3 parts: column with microorganisms, titers and sets of antibiotics.

1 The microbe of interest can be found in the search bar by starting to type the name of the microorganism.

2 The microbial list is based on the frequency of microbial isolation in your laboratory.

3 The central column contains a list of titers/degrees of contamination of the biomaterial.

4 All antibiotics are grouped according to the antibiograms that your laboratory works with. When a microorganism is selected, the appropriate antibiogram is automatically selected.

5 You can choose how to determine the sensitivity to antibiotics (disk diffusion or the method of determining the minimum inhibitory concentration),

6 If resistance mechanisms were found during testing, they can be noted.