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The antibiotic count shows a list of delivered antibiotics in all antibiograms for a certain period. This data will help predict the consumption of antibiotics and prepare a calculation for purchases.
The source report shows how many studies have been done for different departments in the hospital or for other organizations with which your laboratory cooperates. If a price is set for each type of research, then the amount of services rendered is automatically calculated.
The report on employees shows who registered how many analyzes, who discharged how many analyzes. It can be taken into account when calculating payroll and evaluating the performance of a particular employee.
The sample registry is a list of studies listing patients by name for a specific period. You can sort by specific sources (for example, isolate data on commercial organizations), it will help to generate a report on the HCH.
The microbial landscape is a list of isolated microbes from various biomaterials with the ability to filter by departments.
The monitoring of antibiotic resistance is a spectrum of sensitivity of microorganisms to various antimicrobial drugs with the ability to filter by departments and biomaterials.
Microorganisms isolated is a report that eliminates the need to fill in the journal every day for all the isolated microorganisms for the past day.
The microbiology laboratory load is a list of all tests performed in the laboratory, with a count of laboratory units.
Uploading to AMRcloud is a special report form for the All-Russian Antibiotic Resistance Monitoring Platform. By uploading data to this resource, your laboratory exchanges data with other laboratories, can explore its data using complex filters, upload infographics and share the results of its work.