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Here are the custom lists you will need to work with LIS. Any of the lists can be edited, supplemented with your own data, or removed from the pre-installed ones to adjust it to work in your laboratory.
Comments - this is a list of comments that will be attached to the selected microorganism. For example, factors of cultural stability or natural sensitivity, or any other that you use in your routine.
Microorganisms - this is a list of microorganisms that are recorded in accordance with the international classification.
Antibiotics - this is a list of antibiotics used in your laboratory, written according to their international name in Latin.
Sources - this is a list of departments of your medical organization or other organizations with which you cooperate.
Materials - this is a list of biomaterials that are being studied in your laboratory.
Diagnoses - this is a list of diagnoses that are indicated on the referral to the samples.
Types of studies - this is a list of all studies that your laboratory conducts, you can specify a short code for encryption in the journal, indicate the number of laboratory units, put down a price for each analysis, indicate which group of studies it belongs to in order to distribute among journals.
The antibioticogram is a list of antibiotics grouped according to the principle of focusing on a specific group of microorganisms. Antibiograms can be assigned to a group of microorganisms and a specific journal, so that the required list of antibiotics is automatically substituted at discharge.
Results - this is a list of templates for issuing negative results.
Titles are templates with titles used in your laboratory.